Today, education and training from universities and professional training institutes are the primary way for a future real estate professional to get into the profession. Professional qualification is thus a significant challenge for professionals if they wish to stay aware of the needs of the market and to ensure the quality of their services to consumers.

This is why CEPI set up Eureduc, a minimum programme for, real estate agents and property managers. This programme aims to offer a minimum joint degree course to the main universities, colleges, high schools and professional training institutes that already offer courses for real estate agents and/or property managers in the EU member states. This minimum course should correspond to the minimum educational requirements for agents and property managers set up by CEPI.

Several European educational establishments have signed the Mission Statement through which they commit themselves to integrating the Eureduc programme into their syllabus. Most of the signatories have also asked for and were granted, the CEPI Eur label, confirming that their activities comply with the programme.

The Eureduc Programme is currently active in thirty-two partner institutes spread over fourteen countries.